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What’s the economic impact of Milan Fashion Week?

The economic impact of Milan Fashion Week is a relevant aspect of one of the most sought-after event in the fashion industry. Venues, hotels, catering companies and restaurants are among the many suppliers which benefit from the organization of the fashion shows…four times a year.

The Milan Fashion week as seen by the suppliers

Organizing a fashion show requires the involvement of various suppliers and professionals. First of all, it is necessary to find a space in which to carry it out, be it a trade fair space or the ballroom of a conference centre, or a theater or an industrial warehouse renovated specifically to accommodate events in the so-called lifestyle category.
For this reason, the sales managers of these spaces move well in advance and plan the calendar of the spaces they manage around the weeks of January and June (men’s fashion) and February and September (women’s fashion).

Secondly, the purchasing office of any fashion house will have to worry about contracting: stage, catwalk and set design designers; audio & visual equipment companies, sound & light managers and of course models and celebrities.

The staff needed to create a fashion show requires (in addition to the aforementioned models) make up artists, hair stylists and dressers. To which are added security guards, bouncers and parking attendants.

The Gold Room at the MiCo Milan Convention Centre usually hosts fashion shows during the Milan Fashion Week

Fashion shows then need an audience, an audience made up of journalists, buyers, VIP guests and professionals in general. And these people will need a place to sleep, a restaurant to eat and probably nightclubs to meet up with other guests during the seven days of events.

The Milanese hospitality industry therefore benefits from a high influx of people during fashion week. Both Italian and international guests who generate an important economic impact on the city of Milan with their arrival.

The economic impact of Milan Fashion Week

What we have written above therefore highlights which and how many companies and organizations depend on fashion week and rely on this very important event to support their budget objectives.

An article by Marta Casadei which appeared in Il Sole 24 Ore, the most important Italian financial newspaper, describes how approximately 80 million euros rained on the city of Milan during the women’s fashion week taking place in September 2023. 10 million more than the February edition.

This is possible thanks to around 180 different events of which around 70 are fashion shows while the others are presentations closed to the public and open only to buyers and fashion journalists.

Furthermore, fashion week is an important opportunity in terms of employment. Many are certainly temporary jobs which are repeated at least four times a year and thus give rise to a virtuous circle capable of supporting both the Milanese entrepreneurial fabric and its society in general.

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