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Posts published in “Design & Architecture”

Milan and its castles. Plural.

The city of Milan is well known for its many landmarks: from the Duomo Cathedral to the Da Vinci's "Last Supper". Among the main attractions of the city there is for sure the Castello Sforzesco ( aka the Sforza Castle) which is known by many to be the only castle in Milan. However a walk along the city streets of the capital of fashion and design may hold some surprises for lovers of medieval art and architecture.

Milan to turn its streets into bike lanes

Walking the pavements along the most trafficked areas of the city could be almost impossible given the new one-meter-apart rule which has been recently proved to be effective. For this reason the mayor of Milan Giuseppe "Beppe" Sala has had approved by the municipal council a plan to add some spaces to be used as extra walking areas and bike lanes along the main arterial roads of the city, such as Corso Buenos Aires.

Igloos in Milan. A post war housing solution

Igloos in Milan are a major example of architectural diversity of the capital of fashion and design. Their construction demonstrates how iconic and vibrant was the design scene just a few years after the second world conflict. Igloos in Milan. A brief history The igloo houses in Milan were built in 1946 on a project by architect and engineer Mario Cavallè, who also designed the mushroom houses which were demolished at the beginning of the sixties. These particular contructions own their origin to the need of those left homeless by the allied bombing which took place in Milan during the…

Milan brings its Coliseum back to life

Milan brings its Coliseum back to life As you probably know Milan has a long history! Founded back in the VII century before Christ. Its Roman era left an impressive heritage to the city which is about to come back to life. Roman ruins are visible throughout the city. Particularly worthy of note are the roman ruins in Via Brisa, just a few steps from the city centre and the ones at the metro station of Piazza Duomo. Milan used to be the capital of the Western Roman Empire (286 BC), and a city of this calibre needed to have…

Milan is in the middle of an architectural frenzy

The architectural frenzy of the city of Milan started back on the 11th of May 2011 when the MICO Milan Convention Centre was officially opened. Designed by architect Mario Bellini the MICO features an impressive art work made of iron which covers the entire rooftop of the convention centre. The Milanese people called it the comet. This stunning piece of architecture has now become a landmark of the city, an emblem that distinguish the urban soul of Milan. A few months after the big opening of the convention centre of Milan, another new development draw the attention of the architecture…