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Posts published in “Business”

What’s the economic impact of Milan Fashion Week?

The economic impact of Milan Fashion Week is a relevant aspect of one of the most sought-after event in the fashion industry. Venues, hotels, catering companies and restaurants are among the many suppliers which benefit from the organization of the fashion shows…four times a year. The Milan Fashion week as seen by the suppliers Organizing a fashion show requires the involvement of various suppliers and professionals. First of all, it…

Milk Shaming: we don’t really need this s**t

Milk shaming is a spreading phenomenon on social media. People who enjoy milk are being bullied because apparently drinking milk is not ok anymore…For this reason a new movement is born to protect the victims of these violent actions. Milk Shaming: what is it? 92% of American households consume dairy milk, yet we have seen a growing phenomenon happening across social media, coffee shops, schools and in between – milk…

Black Friday: Only 12% of Italians seriously take the environmental impact of shopping seriously

The environmental issue is a familiar one which is thankfully being discussed a lot more nowadays. We are all, in our own small way, trying to be more careful because the effects of global warming have now become all too obvious. Some opt for a more plant-based diet, others buy more local produce and there are those who are careful not to overdo their use of heating and air conditioning. This would…

Genoa shortlisted as European Capital and Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism 

European Capital and Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism is a title that every city out there is aiming at and two Italian cities have been shortlisted for the 2024 awards. The European Commission announced the shortlisted cities for the 2024 European Capital and Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism competitions.

Beond Airlines Takes Flight from Milan to the Maldives

Beond Airline is the new carrier in town. The world's first premium leisure airline — unveiled its sophisticated and unique aircraft livery. With events in Malé, Maldives attended by dignitaries, investors, supporters and employees, and at a global media event broadcast online and in-person in Dubai, the airline showcased its first aircraft, an Airbus A319 seating 44 passengers in a luxurious all lay-flat configuration