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Posts published in “Business”

Abercrombie & Fitch leaves Milan amid sales fall

Abercrombie & fitch leaves Milan and we are very sorry to hear about that! It was just a few years ago when we talked about the grand opening of the first Italian store of the company based in Manhattan and now things seem to have gone wrong, in every possible way. When we have previously reported of the dire straits many retailers found themselves in we could not imagine that the end of the Milanese Abercrombie and fitch store was so close!

Goodbye Google +

Google + its about to be permanently deleted by its creator Google. Did you save your content? make sure to do so, it all ends on the 2nd of April!

The inventor of internet says he has a new plan

The inventor of internet Tim Berners-Lee has recently released an interview to Fast Company saying that he has something new in mind. Tim Berners-Lee has just launched his new company called Inrupt with the aim to make of the internet what he was supposed to be in the first place. Born has a world-changing tool the internet has become during the years the reign of just a few players (Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc…) where the people cannot decide, fo instance, the use of personal data. The inventor of internet wants to change that and he is doing it through a…

Starbucks in Milan hires people with special needs

Starbucks in Milan hires people with special needs The brand new Starbucks in Milan occupies an entire building in the heart of the city. The three-storey building in Piazza Cordusio used to be the headquarter of the Italian Postal Services. Conveniently located just a few steps from the Duomo cathedral and the La Scala opera house, the Starbucks building features an impressive set of original decorations and ornaments dating back to 1901. In the original plan right in front of this new Italian development of the Seattle-based coffee house there was an outside area for al fresco dining but this…

The weirdest job titles on Linkedin

The case of the fake curriculum of the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte has unleashed the imagination of the Italians. Recently have appeared on Linkedin and on the most popular social networks, vignettes and GIFs that returned an unflattering portrait of Mr Conte. However, the art of writing finds its maximum expression in the writing of our curricula. A line added in the course of study or a shrewdly described work experience can greatly change the perception that the director of human resources of any company has of us. So those who dealt with leafleting become¬†¬†business to consumer advertising specialists¬†…