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The Statue of Liberty is in Milan

Last updated on February 24, 2023

The Statue of Liberty has an exact twin sister right in the heart of the city of Milan.

Where is the Statue of Liberty in Milan?

If you happen to be in Milan you might want to start your tour with a visit of the Duomo Cathedral. Catch the red line of the underground services and get off at Duomo Station in Piazza del Duomo. Once overground you will be struck by the magnificence of the gothic cathedral that proudly stands in the middle of the piazza.

If you look closely to the facade you will notice how many statues and gargoyles adorn the entire exterior surface of the church.

Take a minute to carefully stare at the balcony above the main entrance. Noticed anything? Just there on the left side of the balcony? There it is! The Statue of Liberty!

Who designed the Statue of Liberty in Milan?

The statue was sculpted by artist Camillo Pacetti in 1810. It is then 75 years older than the Statue of Liberty and it is said that Frederic Auguste Bartholdi took inspiration from this statue to create “Lady Liberty“.

What does it represent?

The statue is named “La legge nuova” (the new law) and it is opposite to another statue on the right side of the balcony which is called “old law”.

The resemblance between the two statues is impressive. They are both holding a torch with their right hand, they are both wearing a crown and a tunic.

They only difference seems to be what they are holding with their left hand. While the one in New York holds a book with the independence day’s date on it, the one in Milan holds a cross.

This is another reason why New Yorkers will love spending some time in Milan. If you want to know the other reasons, just check this link!

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