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A People’s Place: the Tommy Hilfiger’s bar in Milan.

The Porta Venezia district offers a lot of dining opportunities. The whole area is characterized by the presence of bars and restaurants which make it particularly attractive. It's not just about Italian restaurants but rather it is precisely the multicultural scenario that makes it a neighborhood that cannot be missed when you happen to be in Milan and certainly at People's Place, Tommy Hilfiger's bar, contributes to the vibrant food scene of the Porta Venezia district.

The real Italian pesto recipe

When it comes to Italian recipes, international blogs and cooking websites are not always a 100% accurate. For this reason when it comes to Italian food the best thing to do would be to double check on Italian websites, like ours. Read the original and genuine recipe for pesto, the mouthwatering sauce made of simple ingredients available along the coasts of the Peninsula

Wine regions around Milan: Franciacorta, Valtellina and Oltrepo.

If the many landmarks of Italy and Milan are for sure the main reason people travel to the Peninsula each year, the food options of Italy and its culinary culture attract each year millions of tourists. From north to south and the islands Italy offers a very rich and diverse food experience which depends on ingredients locally available. This diversity expresses itself also through the many varieties of wines available throughout the Italian territory. If Tuscany is known the world over to be the homeland of Italian wines, the regions around Milan have nothing to envy to the rest of the italian territory.

It’s October. It’s pizza month!

In America the Italians settled mostly on the east cost and in particular in the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachussets and Pennsylvania. This is the reason why, especially in New York, the pizza became so popular and to these days it is considered as a dish that cannot be given up.

In Milan fashion houses and wineries meet for a posh grape harvest

From 7 to 13 October the Via Montenapoleone and the surrounding streets will host a series of highly prestigious events, promoting the excellence of Made in Italy and once again giving great prominence to the city of Milan, and to the Italian context in general, as points of reference for a quality production that grows over time and becomes increasingly valuable.

Here is the list of the best food cultures of the world

Which are the best food cultures of the world? A recent survey by has the answer to this question. From America to Europe and Asia these food cultures around the globe have something for everyone, according to Zoe Li (editor at 10. United States of America Hamburger, fries and a lot of meat! 9. Mexico Tacos, enchilladas and…hot chilli peppers! 8. Thailand Chicken and spices…kind of a lot of them! 7. Greece The smell of the mediterranean sea joins the mouth at every bite 6. India It is not just about tea and curry… 5. Japan Sushi, sashimi…

Patavini: gnocchi in the heart of New York City

Patavini the “gnocchi makers” have just conquered New York City. The Italian food company has opened a brand new store in Columbus Circle, right next to Grom (the gelato guys!) the other big name of Italian food in this area of Manhattan. The Patavini company is actually quite new. It was founded just recently  by two Italian young entrepreneurs: Luca Marco Giraldin and Riccardo Bertoncello. They both share a  deep passion for food and a strong desire to export this typical Italian delicacy which is not as known as pizza or pasta. In a recent interview released to Corriere del…

Mamma Italia tells you how to find genuine Italian food around the globe

Mamma Italia is a brand new app developed by a team of Italians willing to share tips and advices about Italian food and the best way to find it around the globe. The guys behind Mamma Italia (Caterina Diglio, Ivano Rotondo, Gaetano Biondo, Luca Marmo and Claudio Vitale) have basically created a localizer for grocery stores with one big feature in common: they must sell genuine Italian food. The aim of this app available for both Android and ios is twofold: helping the Italian expats to find a bit of mamma’s kitchen when they are abroad and help the Italian…