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Posts published in “Lifestyle & Fashion”

American girl(s) in Italy

American girl in Italy is the title given to one of the most iconic photograph of all times. Today it has become the symbol of women empowerment. More than 50 years later plenty of women have decided to embark in the same journey and move to Italy. Here there are their stories.

Italian summer: let’s recap!

It was the mid of May when Italy and the Italians started to feel that something was just going in the right direction! And then everything actually did. From the historic win at the Eurovision Song Contest to the Euro 2020 finals and the 40 medals at the Tokio Olympics.

Versace to stage its own fashion week.

The Milan Fashion Week is over but not for everyone. The most of the Milanese and international fashion houses have chosen the capital of the Lombardy region as the home to their fashion shows, digital or hybrid. Except for one company that to Milan owes its international reputation. Donatella Versace has in fact chosen not to stage the Versace fashion show during the past week.