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About Me

My professional background

Hey! I am Paolo and I am the guy behind The Milan City Journal! I was born and raised in Milan and after the graduation in business and administration I left the city for London where I lived for a year. Once back I decided that I wanted to learn a bit more about how to use digital tools to build my personal brand so I did a master in digital marketing while I started working in tourism, business tourism to be more precise.  The journey to become a destination marketing expert was enriched by the amazing people I work with and met, by the astonishing places I visited and by the many learning opportunities that the tourism industry offers.

Here is my Linkedin profile if you want to know a bit more about my professional experience.

Why “The Milan City Journal”

One of the assignment I needed to do while attending the master in digital marketing was to create a blog. That’s when I had the idea of The Milan City Journal. It would have been the opportunity to combine my academic background with my professional experience in destination marketing and tourism.

So here I am sharing what I have learned, observed, read about the city of Milan through a blog that was born to celebrate the city’s reputation. The Milan City Journal has then expanded its vision to a wider perspective to cover the many aspects of lifestyle: from art & culture to architecture & design, from fashion to travel and food. I hope you will enjoy it!

How to contact me

If you are planning a trip to Milan and need any suggestions or further info, if you have any questions about our posts feel free to drop me an email through the blog’s contact form or drop me an email at:

You can also DM me through the blog’s official social media profiles, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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