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The History of Pasta: National Geographic’s new tour

The History of Pasta is the name given to one of the newest tours by National Geographic Day Tours. With newly added itineraries and destinations, and the ease to book directly or through travel agencies, National Geographic Day Tours has launched even more opportunities for travelers to explore the world through uniquely authentic National Geographic experiences in one-day and half-day tours

The History of Pasta: Discover Naples through food

Join a local historian in the green hills of Gragnano, the global epicentre of dried pasta, and visit a reconstructed water mill rarely open to the public. Visit a family-run pasta factory, hear about their family story and make fresh pasta by perfecting the knead and roll technique, and enjoy lunch made with ingredients sourced from the factory’s garden.

This tour was inspired by the National Geographic Magazine article, “The Twisted History of Pasta,” which points to 13th century references to pasta dishes, including macaroni, ravioli and more.

Other tours by National Geographic launched this year

Barcelona, Spain: Homage to Miró

Discover the artworks of Miró and their interaction with the spaces created to house them by architect Josep Lluis Sert. Miró’s work – paintings, sculptures, murals, paper and lithographs – was inspired by artists and poets he met in his journeys throughout Europe, including Pablo Picasso. Visit the Fundacio Miró before it opens to the general public and learn from architectural and art restoration specialists with in-depth knowledge to Miró’s work and Sert’s architecture. This tour was inspired by an article in National Geographic Magazine titled, “Homage to Catalonia – and Miró.”

Lisbon, Portugal: A Visit to the Oceanarium

Gain an in-depth understanding of the ocean through this tour of the Lisbon Oceanarium, led by a marine biologist with specialist knowledge on the importance of our oceans and its biodiversity. Go behind the scenes and learn about the animals, feeding techniques and engineering behind the aquariums, as well as the Oceanario Foundation’s collaboration projects with National Geographic to raise awareness about the protection of our oceans and the marine species that call them home

New York: Hudson Yards, Where Sustainability Meets Urban Design

Explore the engineering behind this New York neighborhood built above the railway yards in New York City and meet and talk with the design team, including the chief engineer. Visit areas not open to the general public, including a section of the roof with a private observation deck for views of the New York City skyline unique to this location. Inspiration for this tour is from a National Geographic Magazine article, “The New New York City Skyline” in which Hudson Yards is referenced.

Paris, France: Baguette and Eclair Initiation with a French Master Baker

Take a hands-on lesson in traditional French baking taught by a French master baker and learn the art of making a superior dough, shaping and baking delectable treats, and learn about the importance of bread and pastries to French cultural heritage. This tour was inspired by the National Geographic Magazine article, “Explore the World Through 9 Different Breads.”

“National Geographic Day Tours immerse travelers in extraordinary locales and distinctive cultures, all of which are brought to life through the incredible knowledge and brilliant storytelling of National Geographic-trained guides. With new itineraries added to our ever-growing portfolio, the tours can be booked directly by travelers as they explore the world”

Nancy Schumacher, SVP and GM , National Geographic Expeditions


National Geographic Day Tours offer an array of topics, including nature, conservation, photography, culture, gastronomy and history. Most trips feature local specialists, such as archaeologists, marine biologists, chefs, farmers, photographers, historians and scholars. All tours are conducted in small groups and follow the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) criteria.

“National Geographic Day Tours are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, with something for everyone, whether you’re a beach enthusiast or a city explorer. These are carefully crafted tours that tell stories of their destinations, honouring the National Geographic legacy and offering top quality, authentic, local experiences. Developing and operating unique, differentiated products is a key part of our growth strategy and we are excited to continue this with National Geographic Expeditions.”

Peter Ulwahn, CEO of TUI Musement, the Tours & Activities division of TUI Group

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