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Morimondo Abbey. A stone throw from Milan

The Morimondo Abbey is a jewel dating back to the 12th Century. It is a Cistercian abbey located a few kilometers from Milan, in Morimondo, on the border with the territory of Pavia, on the right bank of the Naviglio di Bereguardo. If you are visiting Milan you must take into consideration to spend an afternoon around here.

The Morimondo Abbey: a brief history

The Morimondo Abbey begins its history on the 4th of October 1134 with the arrival of a group of founding monks from the mother house of Morimond, in France. In the first years the community had a progressive expansion in the number of vocations, so much so that two abbeys were soon founded: that of Acquafredda in Lenno in 1153, and that of Casalvolone near Novara in 1169.

A notable sign of the intense spirituality is demonstrated by the flourishing activity of the Scriptorium, aimed at the establishment of the monastic library, and the initial provision of fundamental texts of the two new filiations.

The expansion of the abbey’s land holdings was favored by its proximity to the border between the territories of Milan and Pavia, rival municipalities from which Morimondo nevertheless received protection and donations.

The Scriptorium used by the monks at the Abbey in Morimondo

The time line of the Abbey History

4th of October 1134 – Arrival of the initial group of monks from France

11th of November 1136 – The monks move to the site of the abbey in Morimondo.The abbey ispartially completed

11821296 – Construction of the church next to the monastery

1314 – The church and monastery are runsacked. begins the decline of the abbey

1564 – The abbey becomes an official parish of the diocese of Milan by will of Archbishop San Carlo Borromeo

31st of May 1798 – The suppression, which occurred in the wake of the French Revolution, put an end to the presence of the Cistercian monks and caused the total dispersion of the codicological heritage

18051950 – The religious life was animated by Ambrosian priests. In 1941 the Archbishop of Milan, the Blessed Cardinal Ildefonso Schuster, on a pastoral visit to the abbey, having noticed its state of abandonment, wanted to bring religious life back to the monastery

1950 – The Congregation of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary settled in the monastery

1993 – Establishment of the Abbatia Sancte Marie de Morimundo Foundation and consequent valorization of the spiritual and cultural heritage of the abbey and of Cîteaux monasticism in general

How to get to the Morimondo Abbey from Milan

Opening times

The opening hours of the Morimondo abbey church are always the same throughout the year:

From 8.30am to 6.30pm every day

The different visiting times for the monastic complex are established by the abbey museum. Visiti this link for more.


The correct address to use on your gps app is “Piazza del Municipio 6, 20081, Morimondo, Milano”

If you are travelling there from the city of Milan, and depending on your exact location, the gps will either have you to take the A7 highway (exit Bereguardo) or the A4 highway (exit Marcallo Mesero)

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