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The Affordable Art Fair brings art enthusiasts together

From the 7th to the 9th of February The Affordable Art Fair opens its doors in Milan to art enthusiasts, collectionists and professionals willing to explore the latest contemporary art trends. 85 local and international art galleries will bring together artworks by well known and emerging artists.

Excellent art, competitive prices

Who says art is expensive? Couldn’t it be just accessible to everyone? This aim, this mission is what motivated Will Ramsey back in 1996 when he had the idea of creating a fun, relaxing and enjoyable environment where everyone could see, apprecciate and, why not, buy art. It was the beginning of the Affordable Art Fair which saw the light , for its very first edition, in Battersea, an up-and- coming neighborhood in London. Since then the whole prject has eveolved into a global phenomenon .

Nowadays the Affordable Art Fair holds events in London, Milan, Hamburg, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Amsterdam and Stockholm. A wide range of artworks from photography to paintings in a price range that goes from $100 to $7500.

Milan: What’s On

On the 6th of February at 6.00 pm there will be the grand opening of this year’s edition. And then three days of exciting activities. It won’t be just an opportunity to stare at some amazing sculptures and prints, but it will also be the chance to get education and knowledge, to enjoy an afternoon with your pals and kids in a friendly environment. Live performances and guided tours are also on the agenda in a vibrant event which promises to keep up with the mission of the fair:

“Lying at the heart of each of our fairs is the desire to make contemporary art accessible to everyone. Whether you know your¬†Hockneys¬†from your Hirsts, or you simply just enjoy basking in the glory of beautiful scenes, we believe everyone can be an art collector, whatever your taste and budget!”

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