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Milan brings its Coliseum back to life

Milan brings its Coliseum back to life

As you probably know Milan has a long history! Founded back in the VII century before Christ. Its Roman era left an impressive heritage to the city which is about to come back to life.

Roman ruins are visible throughout the city. Particularly worthy of note are the roman ruins in Via Brisa, just a few steps from the city centre and the ones at the metro station of Piazza Duomo.

Milan used to be the capital of the Western Roman Empire (286 BC), and a city of this calibre needed to have its own Coliseum. The one in Milan used to be the third largest after the ones in Rome (which is THE Coliseum) and the one in Capua.

Now the city council has just decided to re-build the ancient Coliseum. This time instead of stones and sand a greener way of doing things will be applied: trees!

The city has put forward a proposal to reshape the ancient theatre through several sets of trees and bushes. The new Coliseum will be a sort of park shaped like the Coliseum and it will be constructed exactly where the old roman theatre used to be 1700 years ago.

The works for this new development of the so-called “green architecture” will begin in the new year and the whole project should be ready by the end of 2019.

See?Another good reason to come to Milan. Book your flight now!

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