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Mamma Italia tells you how to find genuine Italian food around the globe

Mamma Italia is a brand new app developed by a team of Italians willing to share tips and advices about Italian food and the best way to find it around the globe.

The guys behind Mamma Italia (Caterina Diglio, Ivano Rotondo, Gaetano Biondo, Luca Marmo and Claudio Vitale) have basically created a localizer for grocery stores with one big feature in common: they must sell genuine Italian food.

The aim of this app available for both Android and ios is twofold: helping the Italian expats to find a bit of mamma’s kitchen when they are abroad and help the Italian food enthusiasts not to be cheated by some disgusting imitations of Italy’s best products.

It is quite common in fact to see on the supermarket’s shelves fancy packs of Maccaroni or Parmesan cheese that have nothing (nothing!) to do with the Peninsula’s food tradition.

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Mamma Italia becomes then a tool to protect the genuinity and the reputation of Italian products and to promote Italian manufactures worldwide.

The users of Mamma Italia can also share tips and include their favorite stores on the list available on the app thanks to the community of the app’s users.

For now the app is available in Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Madrid and London but more cities are to be covered soon.

And while you are waiting for the city you live in to be listed on the app you can dowload it and check the plenty of recipes available on Mamma Italia.

Another big issue when it comes to the Italian food culture is the wrong way of doing things…The carbonara recipe does not incude any garlick and pizza with pineapple is actually an Hawaian tradition.




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