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Here is the list of the best food cultures of the world

Which are the best food cultures of the world?

A recent survey by has the answer to this question. From America to Europe and Asia these food cultures around the globe have something for everyone, according to Zoe Li (editor at

10. United States of America

Hamburger, fries and a lot of meat!


9. Mexico

Tacos, enchilladas and…hot chilli peppers!


8. Thailand

Chicken and spices…kind of a lot of them!

chicken and rice

7. Greece

The smell of the mediterranean sea joins the mouth at every bite

greek yogurt

6. India

It is not just about tea and curry…

chai tea

5. Japan

Sushi, sashimi and raw fish in general are the main courses of the Japanese food culture


4. Spain

Paella, Jamon Iberico and Gazpacho are among the more representative of Spanish delicacies


3. France

From deserts to main courses la Ile de France has a lot to offer!


2. China

Surprisingly at the second spot of the cnn. com chart there is China…

bowl of rice

1. Italy

Nothing else to say!



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