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Patavini: gnocchi in the heart of New York City

Patavini the “gnocchi makers” have just conquered New York City.

The Italian food company has opened a brand new store in Columbus Circle, right next to Grom (the gelato guys!) the other big name of Italian food in this area of Manhattan.

The Patavini company is actually quite new. It was founded just recently  by two Italian young entrepreneurs: Luca Marco Giraldin and Riccardo Bertoncello. They both share a  deep passion for food and a strong desire to export this typical Italian delicacy which is not as known as pizza or pasta.

In a recent interview released to Corriere del Veneto the founders have disclosed the secret behind the company’s name. Patavini means “from Padua”(citizens of Padua), the city north east of Italy known for the Giotto masterpieces in the Scrovegni chapel and for another Italian food excellence: the spritz.

The gnocchi are basically made of genuine and simple ingredients: potatos, flour, egg and a pinch of salt. That’s it.

A visit to Patavini at 1794 Broadway (just a few steps from Columbus Circle) will then be the opportunity to taste these healthy potato dumplings in the several variations (from pumpkin to spinach) with the many sauces available on the menu: cheese, tomato sauce, butter and sage, pesto (our favorite!), etc…

Patavini is open to the public for both a seated lunch and to take away the gnocchi in their fancy packages which are a joy to the eye of design enthusiasts.

In the store there is also a wide range of Italian products for sale: from extra virgin olive oil to saffron and balsamic vinegar.

We strongly recommend to visit Patavini if you happen to be in Manhattan and if you are looking for other Italian food options make sure to check Mamma Italia, the app for Italian food lovers around the globe.

Buon appettito!

P.S: Cover picture from Patavini’s official Instagram account




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