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The Milan City Journal

No, the moka doesn’t make espresso

The moka was invented by Alfonso Bialetti back in 1933. Since then it has traveled the world and it is now a must have for coffee lovers and enthusiasts. Its popularity and original design made it earn a preferred place at the MoMa design museum in New York. Read how it was created and above all how to use this iconic coffee pot.

Milan airports: how to fly to Milan

Milan airports are state of the art facilities which welcome every year millions of passengers. The closest airport to Milan is Linate while the busiest is Malpensa. What if I am travelling to Lake Como? Read to find out how to get the astonishing lake and the hills surrounding it.

A new Ferragamo Hotel set to open in Milan

At number 11 of the very central Corso Venezia in Milan stands a monumental building whose entrance door is set back a few meters from the course of the road. This is the former seminary of the city. "Former" because the building doesn’t host young people with a vocation for the priesthood  anymore and in a few weeks it will become a new luxury hotel in the fashion capital.