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This year’s Fuorisalone concentrates on Nature

This year Fuorisalone concentrates on Nature and “Materia Natura” will be its main theme.

Nature takes center stage in the 2024 edition: with “Materia Natura,” Fuorisalone encourages a deep
exploration of the connection between these two words, presented through a visually captivating
campaign curated by Nicola Ricciardi and conceived by EX. (Andrea Cassi, Michele Versaci) and Giorgio
Ferrero (MYBOSSWAS), resulting in a series of five subjects.

The house by Frank Lloyd Wright

This year’s Fuorisalone concentrates on Nature

Reflections on matter and attempts to transform it have long been central to human culture, which studies, experiments, and manipulates it to interpret the relationship with the natural world. However, it is within the human sphere that these notions converge and harmonize, blending seamlessly with each other.

The term “natura” (- nature) is a strong reminder of the most pressing and current issues we face today, emphasizing the critical need to advocate for initiatives geared towards more sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions. At the same time, the term “materia” (- matter) initiates and sustains a natural conversation with design, creative thinking, strategic planning, and the propensity to imagine infinite and possible transformations.

“Materia Natura” thus becomes the central interpretative key for Fuorisalone, enabling to observe and map the initiatives that, during the Design Week 2024 will give rise to new languages and visions regarding the actions that design is capable of activating in the context of a radical rethinking of the relationship between humans and the environment they inhabit.

The theme “Materia Natura” builds upon previously explored concepts and serves as an extension of past Fuorisalone themes such as “Forme dell’Abitare”, “Tra Spazio e Tempo” e “Laboratorio Futuro”. This thematic continuity delineates a trajectory that upholds the values of a mindful design culture. “Materia Natura” further amplifies and deepens this vision, emphasizing sustainability as a guiding principle and essential virtue in the creative and design process.

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