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Milan Design Week: 5 things to know

Milan Design Week is the most sought-after event in the desing world. Every year thousands of people flock to Milan to experience what the city has to offer in terms of creativity and business. Read here below the 5 things to know about the Milan Design Week.

When does the Milan Design Week take place?

The Milan Design Week takes place every year during the third week of April. The exact dates depend on when Easter happens given that in Italy the Easter festivity could take up to one week.

What is the Milan Design Week?

The event originated back in the early sixties, in 1961 to be precise, when a group of entrepreneurs in the furniture and home decor fields decided that it was time to organize an event to bring together the industry and have the chace to showcase their products to the consumers. The need came from the economic boom that Italy was experiencing at that time. Thanks to widespread prosperity, many Italians could afford to buy houses and consequently the demand for furniture increased.

The first edition was organized at Fiera Milano and it gathered 328 companies, on an exhibition area of 11,860 m² and there were 12,100 visitors, of which 800 came from abroad. Among the founders of the Salone del Mobile we remember Michele Barovero, Alessandro Besana, Franco Cassina, Piero Dal Vera, Vittorio Dassi, Angelo De Baggis, Mario Dosi, Aldo Falcioni, Angelo Marelli, Silvano Montina, Mario Roncoroni, Vittorio Villa and Angelo Molteni.

Salone del Mobile in the early seventies. Photo Credit: Salone del Mobile

From 1967 the event became international every other year and from 1991 it will be so every year. The exhibitors who participated in the 1991 edition were 1,959, (258 foreign) in an area of 144,000 m², there were 147,000 visitors of which 53,000 came from abroad. At the end of the 1994 edition, a conference was held in Cologne, the Italian show was declared the first in the world.

Thanks to the huge success of the international tradefair then originated the “Milan Design Week” effect. The week happens during the international trade fair but it is not just about that. During these seven days the whole city is animated by plenty of events that all together represent the so-called “Fuorisalone“. This means that everything that happens outside (“fuori”) of the Fieramilano belongs to this circuit of side events.

The desing week is then the sum of the international trade fair (Salone del Mobile) and the events in the city (Fuorisalone).

How to enjoy the show

The Milan Design Week is not completely free of charge. In order to access the official tradefair at Fiera Milano it is necessary to purchase a ticket.

The show is open to the public only on Saturday and Sunday at a cost of € 40,00

Here is how to purchase your ticket

Buy your ticket for the Salone del Mobile here

While all of the events happening in the city and that belong to the circuit of Fuorisalone are either open to the public for free or by invitation only. It depends on the company that is organizing that specific event.

In anycase you can enjoy a walk in the city during those days and experience the plenty of free events and installations around Milan.

The founders of the Salone del Mobile. Photo credit: Salone del Mobile

Where to sleep during Milan Design Week

Coming to Milan during the seven days dedicated to desing professionals and enthusiasts could be kind of a nightmare since the hotel rates skyrocket. My suggestion would be to book early in advance and maybe look for hotels or airbnb in the suburbs as long as there’s a metro station nearby.

While If you wish to stay at a fancy hotel here there are our suggestions

The 7 best luxury hotels in Milan

Last but not least the Milan Design Week happens in the city of Milan (you guys asked Google so I thought it would be useful to stress this detail 🙂

*Cover Picture as available on by spacejoy

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