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The World’s Best Cities. A post-pandemic perspective

The World’s Best Cities report is out! Resonance Consultancy has just released its annual report based on each city’s performance across 24 factors analyzed this year.

As leading global advisors in branding, marketing and placemaking for destinations and cities around the world, Resonance conducts extensive research on the rise of cities, the key trends propelling their growth, and the factors that shape our perception of urban centers as desirable places to live, visit and invest. 

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The World’s Best Cities: the top ten

At N.10 of the list of the World’s Best Cities there’s Seoul, the capital of South Korea. With a population of more that 23 million people the city has esponentially grown from a “war-ravaged city to high-tech hub”. Its tourism industry has overcome the pandemic troubles and has proven to be a strong MICE destination thanks to the government’s investments in this sector.

At N. 9 the first European city in the top ten: Amsterdam. Known to be the most bike friendly city in the old continent the capital of Holland has proven itself to be a trailblazer in sustainable practices. Thanks to the administration led by Mayor Femke Halsema the reputation of the city to be a hotspot for lousy tourists is now long gone.

The second European city to be featured in the first spots of the list is Barcelona which sits at N. 8. Both the Tripadvisor’s reviews and its nightlife have contributed to the success of the Catalan city. The ability to merge the beach vibe with the iconic architectures by Gaudì has surely contributed to its international fame. The city has slowly but succesfully transitioned from a one-night-stay tourism practice to a more reasonable and citizen-focused place.

A view of Gaudi’s architectural style in Barcelona

San Francisco in California is at the 7th place of this annual chart. At the heart of the Bay Area know to be the tech hub of the World and home to some of the most distinguished businesses in the digital economy (Meta and Apple are just some examples) Frisco has struggled a lot in the recent past due to the high cost of living and the homeless crisis. But it is still one of the World’s wealthiest cities and its sustainability practices have now become a point of reference.

The chart continues with number 6 where Dubai proudly shows off its will to get to number one at some point in history. Dubbed as the “Vegas of Arabia” the city is now aiming, under the guide of its ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, at creating the so-called “20 minutes city”. A place where you can find everything you need in just a third of an hour.

Now back to Asia with Singapore which sits at N. 5 of the annual list by Resonance. Know to be a shopping paradise the City of the Lion (this is what Singa Pura means)is one of the most tourist-friendly city in the world thanks to its strict regulations against any sort of scams and petty crimes.

Tokyo misses the podium by a whisker and stops at N. 4 The third Asian destination despite the setbacks due to the coincidence of the Olympics with the pandemic is ready to exploit the many infrastructures for the millions of tourists expected each year. The Ginza shopping centers enhanced the city’s attractivness for people the world over.

Ginza district in Tokyo

And now ready to find out who is at number one? Let’s start with the lowest step of the podium.

At number 3 there’s New York City! Google trend lists New York at number one and its great culture is another aspect took in consideration to appraise the role of the Big Apple as a global city. Even though the many vacant office buildings are a huge concern for developers and real estate investors, the tourism industry has recovered extremely well after the sorrows of the pandemic.

Close to number one but not there yet, there is Paris which occupies the second spot of the chart. The French capital is getting ready to host the upcoming Olympics after a three-year urban planning in the middle of a well-managed pandemic. It ranks at number one when it comes to sights & landmarks and walkability. No wonder why it is one of the most visited city by tourists each year.

At the top of the chart of the World’s Best Cities the so-called “Capital of Capitals”: the city of London! It is the 9th time that the city on the banks of the river Thames watches the other contestants from the highest spot.

London still reigns over all global cities. Despite crippling COVID lockdowns and economic devastation. Despite Brexit. Despite a war in Europe. The city is more indomitable and part of the global discourse than ever. From the Queen’s death, to last autumn’s chaotic drama at 10 Downing Street that finally calmed down with Rishi Sunak becoming prime minister, only to take heavy local election losses this spring, London is rarely quiet these days

Italian destinations featured in the list

The first Italian destination featured in the list of the World’s Best Cities is Rome which misses the top ten for a whisker. It sits at N. 11 and can count on an excellent rating in both the sights and landmarks category and Tripadvisor’s reviews. The capital of Italy precedes the other city, considered by many to be the moral capital of the peninsula, Milan which is 22nd in the ranking.

“A no-nonsense devotion to the finer things makes Italy’s northern power a culture and fashion vanguard increasingly sought by a wealthy global class”

It is considered as the number one city for both walkability and bike rides. The city is enjoying, after hosting the world Expo back in 2015, a new renaissance which has driven a lot of new money to the tourism industry. Hotels and restaurants are openinig at every corner of the capital of fashion and design.

sforza castle
The Sforza Castle in Milan

At N. 69 the city of Naples conquers the title as the third Italian city to be featured in the list. A city with a controversial reputation which has been underrated for too long. Its rich history, the archeological wonders, the mouthwatering food have many more stories to tell to both the people of Italy and tourists.

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