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3 things to know before visiting the Duomo

Visiting the Duomo cathedral in Milan is of those things that is in everyone’s bucket list. Before entering the magnificent gothic landmark of Milan there are three things you must know. So please read carefylly what’s listed here below and enjoy your stay in the city.

Visiting the Duomo requires the appropriate outfit

The Milan Cathedral is a place of worship. Before entering a mosque it is advisable to remove your shoes. Before entering a synagogue it is advisable to wear the kippah. When entering a place of worship such as a Catholic church it is always better to wear sober clothes, cover your shoulders and make sure that skirts and trousers reach at least to the knee.

Tickets for the Duomo Cathedral

We strongly recommend to purchase the tickets online in order to avoid the formation of crowds, as well as payment by electronic means. The cost for the entry ticket may vary according to what you plan to visit. Here below some recommendations:

The Duomo, the rooftop and the museum

This combo allows you to experience the Milan cathedral as a whole. Visiting the terraces on the rooftop of the Duomo is something you do not want to miss when in Milan. This pass also allows you to vist the nearby Duomo Museum.

€22,00 full access to Duomo, Rooftop (by lift) and Museum

Fast track pass

This pass allows you to enjoy everything as listed above but with the option to skip the line. It is a good option especially if you are visiting the city on a week end when the major landmarks are usually kind of busy.

€28,00 full access to Duomo, Rooftop (by lift) and Museum + Priority Pass

Avoid religious services times

Although the religious functions celebrated in the cathedral of Milan are an opportunity to learn about an important cultural aspect of the city, it is inadvisable to visit the cathedral during that time.

During the celebration of mass, for example, it is not possible to visit some areas of the cathedral and it would be a shame not to be able to enjoy every square meter of this stupendous work of art that is the cathedral

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