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Versace’s home is up for sale

Versace‘s home is up for sale in the heart of Milan, the capital of fashion and design.

Among the celebrities houses for sale, has certainly made news that of Santo Versace, the brother of the iconic fashion designer Gianni and the equally talented Donatella, who had to revise down the sale price of his house in the center of Milan.

A mansion not exactly easy to place given the exorbitant price of 33 million euros, price revised after the vain attempt to sell it five years ago, when it was proposed at 49 million euros.

A building of about 2,000 square meters, 15 rooms, 8 bathrooms and a terrace from which you can enjoy a priceless view of Via dei Giardini in the heart of Milan’s fashion district.
The significant discount could attract the interest of foreign investors or companies that could review the spaces to turn this residence into a luxury hotel a stone’s throw from Via Montenapoleone, Milan’s fashion hub.

That of Santo Versace, however, is not the only one among the celebrities houses that struggles to find a buyer. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean there are several mansion, villas and houses that animate the already fluctuating American real estate market. The villa built by Katherine Hepburn on Long Island, and now owned by a New York architect, remained on the market for five years before being sold for 11 million and a half dollars, four less than those requested.

For Sting and his wife Trudy took over a year to sell their penthouse in New York. Originally proposed for 56 million dollars, it was sold for just under 50 million. The added value of the duplex apartment overlooking Central Park is that among the new neighbors that the owners will meet at the board meetings there will be Denzel Washington and Robert De Niro.

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