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The Venice Carnival: a world of wonders

The Venice Carnival runs from the 4th to the 21st of February. Magical creatures, voices, dancers and acrobats kicked off the 2023 Venice Carnival  “Take Your Time For The Original Signs”.

History of the Venice Carnival

Its origins are very ancient: the first testimony dates back to a document of the Doge Vitale Falier of 1094. The document speaks of public entertainment and it uses the word Venice Carnival for the first time.

The establishment of the Carnival by the Venetian oligarchies is generally attributed to the need of the city to grant to the humblest social classes a period dedicated to fun and celebrations.

During the Venice Carnival Venetians and foreigners flocked throughout the city to celebrate with wild music and dancing.

Through the anonymity that masks and costumes guaranteed, a sort of leveling of all social divisions was achieved. Even the public derision of the authorities and the aristocracy was authorized. Such concessions were considered a providential outlet for the tensions and discontents that arose within the Republic of Venice which placed strict limits on its citizens on issues such as common morality and public order.

The Venice Carnival as it is nowadays

During the Napoleonic era, the Carnival of Venice was substantially suppressed. The event thus experienced a long period of decline.

In 1979, almost two centuries later, the centuries-old tradition of the Venice Carnival officially rose from its ashes. This happened thanks to the initiative of citizens’ associations and the logistical and economic contribution of the Municipality of Venice.

Within a few editions, thanks also to the media visibility reserved for the event and the city, the event has returned to follow in the footsteps of the ancient event with great success, albeit with different methods and atmospheres.

How to get to Venice

As everybody knows Venice is a city surrounded by water. We strongly suggest to reach it by train rather than by car. The main train station is in the Cannaregio district and from there you can easily get everywhere on foot.

If you are landing at the Marco Polo International Airport (VCE) you can catch the shuttle bus from the airport to Venezia Piazzale Roma. Here is the booking website.

Safe travels and keep on following The Milan City Journal!

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