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Valentine’s day: 5 most romantic spots in Milan

Valentine’s day is not just about the restaurant you choose or the gifts you want to exchange. Valentine’s day also needs a special place where to celebrate it. If you are wondering where to spend a few hours or just the time for a stolen kiss in the city of Milan, here below there is the list of the 5 most romantic place of the city.

5.The tritons fountain in Via Andegari

Amid the narrow streets just behind the fashion district there is a tiny road named via Andegari. There at the corner with via Romagnosi there is the Fontana dei Tritoni. Sculpted by Salvatore Saponaro in 1926 it is a hidden jewel of the city where you can sit for a while and have the sounds of the gushing water as the only heckler.

4.Vicolo lavandai & the Navigli district

The vicolo lavandai (the washerwomen alley) is a picturesque spot along the navigli canals where women used to go to wash their family’s clothes up to the early seventies. After a good dinner in one of the restaurants of this hipster and dandy area take a minute to go to the vicolo where the light of the street lamps will paint the romantic atmosphere.

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3.Palazzo della ragione and Piazza dei Mercanti

Piazza dei mercanti (merchants square) is the place where the business history of Milan started during the 13th century. Here was where the market took place everyday. The piazza features a loggia on the ground floor of the Palazzo della ragione. If you wish to declare your love to your significant other just go there and follow these instructions. Ask to your partner to face one of the pillars of the loggia, then you go to the opposite one and face the wall as well. If you whisper to the wall your voice will be heard on the other side. The legend says that this was a trick that the merchants used to communicate among them.

2.The mermaids bridge and the Sempione park

There was a time when Milan looked like Venice. The artificial canals named Navigli used to cross the entire city and to move from one side to the other, bridges were constructed. Then, during the first decade of the 20th century the municipality decided to cover and close some of these canals which are now visible only in the south-west side of the city. The Ponte delle Sirenette (the mermaids bridge) used to be in Via Mascagni and when that portion of the canal was closed, the bridge was moved over the pond of the Sempione park. It features four statues representing four provocative mermaids, one per each corner. In their original location those sirens were often chosen by lovers as witenesses of their effusions of love. This tradition has not changed with the new location in the Sempione park.

1.The gardens of the Modern Art Gallery

The GAM, the modern art gallery of Milan, is hosted within the Villa Reale, a former residence of the Milanese and Italian nobility. Behind the villa its first owner had built a magnificent garden inspired by the English tradition.  The gardens feature an impressive selection of plan and trees that have been there since the 19th century. There is a pond where duck and their ducklings swim and right behind the trees there is little replica of a greek temple designed by the architect of the villa Leopoldo Pollack. A quite spot in this chaotic and fast-moving city where to enjoy nature and peace.

Happy Valentine’s day





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