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Urban Outfitters takes Milan

Last updated on November 24, 2016

Urban Outfitter takes Milano or at least takes a part of it. The US retailer headquartered in Philadelphia has chosen Milan to open its first store in Italy. It is not a proper store like those big ones that you get to see in the Big Apple. For the time being it is a so called “shop in shop“. A dedicated corner within the Rinascente department store. The selection of items and goods is the exact same one of the stores overseas and in the UK. Brand like Adidas, Nike, Fred Perry and Clarks are made available and sold at the Urban Outfitters’ counter at the Rinascente. There is also a small selection of those items that made this retailer as famous as it is: books, the FujiFilm instant cameras and above all the vintage record players by Crosley. Even though the assortment is not as large as the one of the stores in New York, these small products are what make the UO’s corner worth of a visit.


Compared to other retailers Urban Outfitters has built a reputation on the ability to offer to its customer the right mix of products ranging from clothes to kitchen appliances, from books to furniture always maintaining that kitschy, retro and vintage style. If you are looking for a birthday present and you really want to astonish your friends UO will be the place to visit and where to buy stationery and party items or gift cards.


If being bohemianand hipster is the key to UO’s success the founders, Richard Hayne, Scott Belair and  Gabriel Tham-Morrobel, made the right choice when they chose to open this corner here in Milan as there is nothing more bohemian and hipster than this city. While we wait for Urban Outfitters to settle in Milan  with a large store, maybe in the Navigli district or inCorso di Porta Ticinese, we can take advantage of the online store which guarantees shipments to Italy.

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