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Uniqlo to open soon in Milan

UNIQLO in Milan

Uniqlo, the Japanese retailer of minimalist clothing, will be opening soon in Milan.

The store will see the light in spring 2019 and it will occupy the building in Piazza Cordusio 2, right next to the brand new Starbucks, the very first of Milan and Italy.

The very first UNIQLO store opened its doors in 1984 in Japan. The company first years of activity are marked by a sincere quest for semplicity. The UNIQLO collections feature a wide range of clothes and accessories that can be combined  and mixed because of their simple  and clean lines.

None of the pants or shirts available within the UNIQLO stores feature extravagant or extremely colorful decorations, but comes in different colors so that it easy for the client to match a pair of pants with a blouse.

The development of the company consisted in the opening of plenty of stores worldwide. Nowadays the company stores are present in Japan with more than 700 stores ( almost a hundred only in the greater Tokyo area); China counts 200 stores and South Korea with more than 40 stores.

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Italy (and the city of Milan) will be the third European country to welcome a UNIQLO flagship store after the UK and France. In the United States of America UNIQLO has two store in New York (on 5th avenue and one on 34th Street, right next to Macy’s).

This new opening somehow marks a counter-trend in the business of retail. We have recently  seen well known retailers to close their stores due to the loss in profit generated by the boom of e-commerce as we have previously discussed (click here for more…).

We just need to wait for spring 2019 to see if Italy and the Italians will make of UNIQLO a must of the sunday afternoon shopping as they already do with Zara, H&M and the recenlty opened Urban Outfitters.


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