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UNIQLO in Milan is now open. Here’s our review

Uniqlo in Milan has officially opened its doors on Friday the 13th…Well, it was not the best day to start a new venture for the Japanese brand but when it comes to business it is always an “against-all-odds” kind of thing”, right?

Uniqlo in Milan: the venue

The building chosen to host the new store of the Japanese retailer sits right in the city centre of Milan. Piazza Cordusio used to be the heart of the Financial industry in Milano. The new developments in the city although brought a few changes in the business geography of the capital of fashion and design and turn this whole area into a commercial and social hub. The Piazza owes its name to the latin words Curia Ducis which literally translates into “The court of the Dukes”.

The Uniqlo building is surrounded by some of the most iconic palazzos of 19th century Milan. Palazzo Broggi, which now hosts the first Starbucks of the city and the Palazzo Venezia designed by architect Luca Beltrami.

Uniqlo in Milan: the interior design

If you have visited some other Uniqlo stores around the globe like the one on 5th Avenue in New York ( a massive 3 storey building a few steps from Central Park) or the one in Oxford Street in London you will for sure notice a few changes in the concept of the Milanese store.

Olimpia Zagnoli, the Milanese illustrator who  has worked for magazines like The New Yorker and companies like Fendi, has designed the walls around the main staircase. She decided to replicate, in her own iconic style, the windows of the Milanese buildings.

The store also features “Static Wave 静寂な波”a small garden where Japanese and Milanese flowers and plants meet in a sort of international conversation. The corner designed by Odd Garden includes some benches where to sit and relax during the shopping sessions.

Uniqlo in Milan: the collection

The brand new collections available for sale will not disappoint those who are fond of the “simple made better” concept that characterized the history of the brand founded by Tadashi Yanai in 1949.

The new collection Uniqlo U by Christophe Lemaire merges with the signature cashmere sweaters for men and women which define the interior design of the whole store.

Uniqlo in Milan: good to know

The Japanese brand on the occasion of the Milan grand opening has joined forces with One Block Down, one of the most popular sneakers store in the city, to create the artwork “L’acqua è più preziosa dell’oro” (Water is more precious than gold”).

Las but not least do not forget to visit the exhibition on the first floor curated by Museo d’arte orientale collezione Mazzocchi di Brescia which features the Hokusai’s pocketbooks.

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