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Trattoria Il Marinaio: seafood at its best!

If you are looking for a good restaurant in the city and you fancy some good seafood the Trattoria il Marinaio in Milan is a good option. The menu offers courses of the Apulian tradition in a small restaurant fully packed with thick wooden table. A dinner here should start with a mixed plate of raw seafood like oysters and scallops which can be purchased by the piece so that you can actually compose your customized antipasto.

The wine selection at Trattoria Il marinaio
The wine selection at Trattoria Il marinaio

A dedicated section of the menu describes how to eat mussels. A bowl full of these black shells with hot pepper and garlic would be another good way to start your dinner.Risotto and pasta with sea food are among the main courses as well as the fish of the day properly cooked on the grill. If you do not feel to have an entire Italian dinner from the starter to the dessert, just have a fritto misto (a plate of fried calamari, prawns and vegetables) with a cup of a fine Italian white wine. The wine bottles are displayed on the shelves in the restaurant and can be served by the cup if it is too much to have an entire bottle.

The seafood selection
The seafood selection

The refrigerated counter just aside the entrance is a feast for the eyes of a fish food enthusiast. If you happen to be in this area of the city, just a few step form the Bosco Verticale, do not miss the chance to sit and enjoy some authentic Italian food.

Trattoria il Marinaio

via Vincenzo Civerchio, 9

20159 Milano, Italia

tel: + 39 02.6884985

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