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Tour of the Monumental Cemetery

Last updated on January 4, 2020

It sounds creepy but a tour of the Milan’s Monumental Cemetery is an experience you cannot miss if you happen to be in Milan.

The cemetery was officially opened to the public in 1866after two years of construction and was designed by architect Carlo Maciachini who is also responsible of the completion of the façade of the Saint Marco’s church in the Brera district.


The main entrance of the cemetery features a building called the Famedio (from the latin words famae aedes – temple of fame) were are buried the most distinguished and notable Milanese. Among the people who are resting in the Famedio there are Alessandro Manzoni (the writer of the most famous example of Italian romanticism The Betrothed), Francesco Hayez (painter), Davide Campari(founder of the Campari company), Arturo Toscanini(composer) and many others.


Right behind the Famedio the cemetery expands itself on a surface of almost 250.000 square meters and it is split in three separate burial areas: Catholic, Jewish and non-confessional. What these three areas have in common is the extremely lavish and monumental style of their tombstones. Walking among these monuments feels like having a tour of a museum. The cult of the deaths in Italy is extremely important and the richest families of the city have commissioned to important designers and architects the construction of mausoleums to pay tribute to their loved ones. Check the gallery to take a look to these majestic monuments.

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