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Top 3 richest fashion designers of the world

Last updated on July 2, 2018

Who are the richest fashion designers on planet earth?

The fashion industry is for sure one of the more attractive sector when it comes to investments. It generates an annual turnover of nearly 90 billion euros only in Italy with more than 465.000 people employed by the hundreds of companies of this industry. But who are the ones who benefit the most of the fashion industry? Here below a list of the 3 richest fashion designers in the world.


Giorgio Armani:

His empire, which includes several brands from Emporio Armani to Armani Privè and Armani Jeans, has made King Giorgio the richest fashion designer with a net worth of 7.6 billion dollars. He has recently added a new brand to his collection: the SILOS/ARMANI. This is a museum which displays all of his collections from the very beginning of his career. Thanks to this new facility everyone will know why he is the 174th richest man on the planet according to Forbes magazine.

Ralph Lauren

The US designer has lived the American dream. He is the son of Jewish immigrants form Belarus and through a collection of eccentric ties he has started a multimillion dollar business. Thanks to the Ralph Lauren brands he is now the 193rd richest man on the planet with a net worth of 7 billion dollars.

Miuccia Prada

It was 1913 when the Prada brothers opened their first store of leather goods in the majestic Galleria in Milan. More than 100 years later the heir of the Prada family, Ms Miuccia has brought the brand to an international recognition. Her creativity and her husband’s business acumen made the history of fashion. Ms Prada is now the 405th richest person on the planet with a net worth of 4.1 billion dollars. Some of this money has been recently invested in the Fondazione Prada, a contemporary art museum in Milan.

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  1. […] Since his beginnings as a designer for Nino Cerruti to the costume design for movies like American Gigolo (1980) and the Untouchables (1987), Giorgio Armani brought to the world his vision of clean and tailored lines that have marked his style and made him a worldwide fashion phenomenon and one of the richest fashion designers. […]

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