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Today is World Tourism Day: celebrate it in Milan

World Tourism Day is the celebration of everyone working in the tourism industry and the opportunity to share knowledge and expertise in this vibrant community.

Every year millions of people decide to take a trip to somewhere on this lovely home which we call planet Earth. Some travel for business, other for pleasure but that one thing that these two travelers have in common is the discovery of the unexpected.

This is what the people working in this industry are dedicated to. Enhance the pleasure of knowing something new, always and everywhere.

World Tourism Day is then the opportunity for everyone to know how the professionals of tourism act on the global market. Which are the challenges that need to be faced day by day to make travellers enjoy every single stone of the Spanish step in Rome, every single marble of the Milan’s Duomo Cathedral, every single painting of the National Gallery in London.

Thanks to the World Tourism Day promoted yearly by the United Nations and celebrated on the 27th of September every year we get the chance to discuss relevant topics and trends in the tourism sector.

This year is dedicated to the digital transformation, its advantages and consequences.

“This year, World Tourism Day highlights the need for investment in disruptive digital technologies that can help foster an environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism.

We live in an increasingly connected and interdependent world with digital advances transforming how we inform ourselves, transforming our behaviour, and encouraging innovation. We need not only new tools but also new capacities and ways of thinking. So across the United Nations family we are designing innovative projects, initiatives and partnerships.

The sheer size of global tourism and its impact on many other sectors, and all of the Sustainable Development Goals, puts it at the forefront of social responsibility, which today goes hand-in-hand with innovation on all levels.

Harnessing innovation and digital advances provides tourism with opportunities to improve inclusiveness, local community empowerment and efficient resource management, amongst other objectives within the wider sustainable development agenda. The digital transformation is about providing benefits to all, and we are making sure that tourism contributes to this global commitment”

From the WTD website

Here at The Milan City Journal we are committed to improve the experience of those visiting Milan and we wish to celebrate the World Tourism day with you soon.

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