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Tiramisù: the recipe of the Italian signature dessert

The Tiramisù is probably the most popular dessert of the world. Everybody wants to have a bite when it comes to this creamy delicacy of the Italian food tradition.

The origin of the tiramisù dates back to 1970 when the pastry chef of a restaurant in Treviso (A few miles north of Venice) decided to apport a few changes to an energetic dessert made of eggs and sugar. That particular drink was usually given to old people and children because of the invigorating properties of the eggs, known to be rich in proteins, calcium and magnesium.

Loly Linguanotto, this is the name of the official inventor of the tiramisù, added some cookies, coffee and cocoa powder to that sort of energy drink and this is how the tiramisù was born.

Now that you know the history of the tiramisù, you are ready to start to put together all the ingredients and in an hour or so you will be enjoying your home made tiramisù:

Ingredients (for 8 people)

  • 500 gr (18 Oz) of mascarpone cheese
  • 150 gr (5,3 Oz) of white sugar
  • Cocoa powder
  • 300 gr (10,6 Oz) of Savoiardi biscuits (ladyfingers)
  • 6 egg yolks (must be super fresh!)
  • 4 cups of espresso coffee (real one!)


First beat the egg yolks till they become white and frothy (this is a vital step, so make sure to use proper tools like an electric mixer!).

Then add the mascarpone cheese and mix it slowly, from the bottom to the top. Clean the mixer very well and proceed to whisk the egg whites pouring the  sugar a little at a time.

Now prepare the espresso coffee and let it cool down. When it is cold pour it into a large bowl, soak the ladyfingers on both sides, quickly, to prevent them from getting too wet, then place them on the bottom of a rectangular baking dish, side by side.

Cover the ladyfingers with a layer of cream. Repeat the operation till the ingredients are finished, ending with the cream. Leave to cool in the fridge for an hour and, when ready to serve, sprinkle the surface with a uniform layer of cocoa powder.

That’s it! The tiramisù is ready! Enjoy!

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