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Tiffany in Milan: the new store

Tiffany in Milan has been the place where the Milanese people go buying engagement rings for a long time. Its first store in the city is the one in the heart of the fashion district: via della Spiga.

The shop windows enchant those passing by with sparkling jewelry and gems designed by artist like Elsa Peretti, the Italian model turned into jewelry designer.

The US based company is a worldwide phenomenon and owes its success  also to the cinema industry.”Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard is a milestone of the silver screen.

Its indisputable reputation brought the brand to be a multibillion dollar business generated through almost 300 stores worlwide and the talent of 11.000 employees.

Due to the Milanese affection and the growing reputation of the city as a tourism and shopping destination the company has recently decided to open a brand new flagship store in the city centre.

Tiffany in Milan will have its third store after the one in the shopping district and the corner within the Exclesior department store.

The location chosen by Tiffany & Co. is a palazzo that dates back to 1870. Right in front of the Duomo cathedral more than 1000 square meters, formerly occupied by Burger King, will be the ideal venue for the new collections of silverware and diamond jewelry.

The store is supposed to open in the first quarter of 2017 right on time for the design week which drags to Milan thousands of tourists who, according to Tiffany’s CEO Raffaella Banchero, are the main target of the company.

Thanks to this new store Tiffany in Milan is going to enhance the city’s reputation and its international appeal heping Milan to mark once again its role as moral capital of Italy.

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