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There is a pink comet in the sky of Milan

There is a pink comet in the sky of Milan

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many cities around the globe have decided to join the mission against breast cancer through several initiatives.

Here in Milan the MICO Milano Convention Centre has shown its support with a surprising idea.  On Thursday the 4th of October the tin comet that covers the rooftop of the facility has been colored in pink with a stunning light show.

The pink comet will remain so for the entire week end. The aim of the convention centre and of the city of Milan is to remember to all women in the city to always be aware that breast cancer can be defeated if diagnosed in advance.

“Breast cancer … it’s a scary thought and all too many women assume that it won’t happen to them. Fact is though, every ten minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. So, don’t be ignorant, during breast cancer awareness month 2018 go for a medical checkup, it might save your life.

Early signs of breast cancer can be a lump in a breast, a painful breast or armpit, or a discharge from the nipple. Even if none of these symptoms present themselves, a doctor should be visited to be sure. A doctor will most likely perform a manual exam and send you for a mammogram. A mammogram examination is painless and only takes about ten minutes.”

Awarness Days – Uk Website

pink comet


The pink comet becomes the a sign of participation of the entire city to the cause of awareness and prevention, vital factors for an early diagnosis.

If you happen to be in Milan do not miss this event and check what to do in Milan this fall!


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