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The weirdest job titles on Linkedin

The case of the fake curriculum of the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte has unleashed the imagination of the Italians. Recently have appeared on Linkedin and on the most popular social networks, vignettes and GIFs that returned an unflattering portrait of Mr Conte. However, the art of writing finds its maximum expression in the writing of our curricula. A line added in the course of study or a shrewdly described work experience can greatly change the perception that the director of human resources of any company has of us. So those who dealt with leafleting become  business to consumer advertising specialists  while a cleaning staff member deals with cleaning management at, obviously, a prestigious international hotel chain. A trend that has been applied for a long time, so much  that it has made us forget what a beautician dealing with nail reconstruction does, today better known as a nail artist. Today hairdressers and beauticians find a title like a hair stylist or make up artist more suited to their professional activity and of this tendency to emphasize our work positions, Linkedin offers a surprising overview. This is the case, for example, of a professional who presents himself in his Linkedin profile as a deal maker or another who instead proposes himself as a maker of awesomeness, the creator of grandeur. To the problem solvers and to the innovation evangelists that are swarming on a network like Linkedin, the so-called global futurists are joined. People able to predict the future and to describe global economic scenarios well in advance, people who until recently were known simply as economists.

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