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The inventor of internet says he has a new plan

The inventor of internet Tim Berners-Lee has recently released an interview to Fast Company saying that he has something new in mind.

Tim Berners-Lee has just launched his new company called Inrupt with the aim to make of the internet what he was supposed to be in the first place.

Born has a world-changing tool the internet has become during the years the reign of just a few players (Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc…) where the people cannot decide, fo instance, the use of personal data. The inventor of internet wants to change that and he is doing it through a new app called Solid.

“It’s time to reset the balance of power on the web and reignite its true potential.

When Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web, it was intended for everyone. The excitement and creativity of its early days were driven from the notion that we can all participate – and the impact was world-changing.

But the web has shifted from its original promise – and it’s time to make a change.

We can still unlock the true promise of the web by decentralizing the power that’s currently centralized in the hands of a few. How? By using the power of Solid.

Solid is the technically potent open-source platform built to decentralize the web. Inrupt is the company that’s helping to fuel Solid’s success.”

From Inrupt website

The big difference, and most relevant one, between the Solid app and the internet as we know it is that each user and developer of Soild will have a personal profile called Solid Pod (which stands for Personal Online Data store).

This POD profile will allow everyone to always have control over their personal information and this will prevent the big tech companies to use these data for unethical (or illegal) purposes.

It was a dream the inventor of internet had in mind for a long time, but know Berners-Lee says the time for dreaming is over, it is time to act!

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