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The color yellow and its health benefits

Last updated on February 13, 2020

The color yellow is that color between green and orange on the spectrum of visible (by human beings) light.  The color yellow belongs with blue and red to the category of the primary colors.

Its name comes from from the Old-English (or Anglo -Saxon) word gelou which is the common origin among most of the European languages. In Italian the color yellow translates into giallo, it is gelb in German, galben in Romanian and geel in Dutch.

The complimentary color of the color yellow is purple. The contrast between yellow and purple can be seen in a lot of paintings by artist Vincent Van Gogh who was particularly impressed by the contrast and harmony effects that these two colors gave on his canvases. And harmony is actually one of the many health benefits that the color yellow has.

In chromotherapy yellow is considered to be an effective remedy against different circumstances of psychophysical discomfort, apathy and depression.

Moreover the color yellow seems to be particularly useful when it comes to eating disorders, in cases of inappetence and chronic anorexia. In fact this color and its specific chromatic vibrations are able to stimulate the metabolism and the sense of hunger. The use of yellow stimulates the rationality and the left side of the brain, also improving the gastric functions and toning the lymphatic system.It helps to eliminate toxins through the liver and intestines.

From a psychological point of view instead yellow is the color of sociable, friendly and determined people. In fact, it is advisable to wear yellow clothes to unsecure people. This shade is in fact able to give security and self-confidence.

This is maybe the reaosn why a lot of international well known brands have used this color in their logos. Company like Ikea, McDonalds, Nikon, Eni, Schweppes and Dhl have used the color yellow to engage with their potential customers.

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