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Franciacorta is not prosecco. Stop asking Goolge

Franciacorta is not prosecco. We couldn't start this post by writing kind of clearly that the wines from this little region west of the city of Brescia do not belong to the prosecco category for two reasons: the production process and the region of origin. This does not mean that a prosecco is better than a Franciacorta but when it comes to wines there's nothing worst than go like "'s kinda the same thing..."

Wine regions around Milan: Franciacorta, Valtellina and Oltrepo.

If the many landmarks of Italy and Milan are for sure the main reason people travel to the Peninsula each year, the food options of Italy and its culinary culture attract each year millions of tourists. From north to south and the islands Italy offers a very rich and diverse food experience which depends on ingredients locally available. This diversity expresses itself also through the many varieties of wines available throughout the Italian territory. If Tuscany is known the world over to be the homeland of Italian wines, the regions around Milan have nothing to envy to the rest of the italian territory.