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Versace to stage its own fashion week.

The Milan Fashion Week is over but not for everyone. The most of the Milanese and international fashion houses have chosen the capital of the Lombardy region as the home to their fashion shows, digital or hybrid. Except for one company that to Milan owes its international reputation. Donatella Versace has in fact chosen not to stage the Versace fashion show during the past week.

Our annual review of Fashion Brands on Instagram

It is the third edition of our annual review of fashion brands on Instagram. Things have a changed quite a bit for Italian brands and their hashtags on this social network. If the top of the chart has not changed since we started this reasearch back in 2016, the less popular brands on the platform are fighting their way up to the top 10. Bottega Veneta lost three spots and…

Versace’s home is up for sale

Versace‘s home is up for sale in the heart of Milan, the capital of fashion and design. Among the celebrities houses for sale, has certainly made news that of Santo Versace, the brother of the iconic fashion designer Gianni and the equally talented Donatella, who had to revise down the sale price of his house in the center of Milan. A mansion not exactly easy to place given the exorbitant…