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Milan and its castles. Plural.

The city of Milan is well known for its many landmarks: from the Duomo Cathedral to the Da Vinci's "Last Supper". Among the main attractions of the city there is for sure the Castello Sforzesco ( aka the Sforza Castle) which is known by many to be the only castle in Milan. However a walk along the city streets of the capital of fashion and design may hold some surprises for lovers of medieval art and architecture.

The Sforza Castle

The Sforza Castle with the Duomo Cathedral and the La Scala Opera House is one of the most notable landmark of the city of Milan. A brief history The Sforza Castle is named after the duke of Milan, Francesco Sforza, who ordered its construction on the ruins of a 14th Century fortification, in the middle of the 15th Century. In 1452 the duke hired one of the most important architect of those times, Antonio di Pietro Averlino (aka Filarete), who designed the main entrance and tower of the Sforza Castle, which is still known as Torre Filarete. The decoration of…

Layover in Milan? A 20 minutes tour of the city!

Layover in Milan? Here’s what to do if you only have a few hours to spend in the city. From Malpensa Airport to Milan If you happen to be at Malpensa Airport just go to the train station and catch the first train to Milan Cadorna. It takes only 30 minutes and the train will get you to the heart of the city of Milan at a cost of € 12.00. Once at Cadorna, if you give your back to the station’s building (designed by architect Gae Aulenti) you will see right in front of you the art installation called…

History of Milan: the Middle Ages

]It is hard to recap the middle ages in a few lines but we will give it a try. Steady, ready…go! The end of the Roman Empire During the whole fifth century AD Milan was often under attack. The barbarian invasions seriously affected the economy and prosperity of the city. In 452 AD Attila led his people (the Huns) to the city and confiscated goods and properties of the Milanese people. In 493 Teodorico (King of the Ostrogoths) defeated Odoacre responsible of the deposition of the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire, Romolus Augustus. The uncertainty of the stability led Iustinian…