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The real Italian pesto recipe

When it comes to Italian recipes, international blogs and cooking websites are not always a 100% accurate. For this reason when it comes to Italian food the best thing to do would be to double check on Italian websites, like ours. Read the original and genuine recipe for pesto, the mouthwatering sauce made of simple ingredients available along the coasts of the Peninsula

Tiramisù: the recipe of the Italian signature dessert

The Tiramisù is probably the most popular dessert of the world. Everybody wants to have a bite when it comes to this creamy delicacy of the Italian food tradition. The origin of the tiramisù dates back to 1970 when the pastry chef of a restaurant in Treviso (A few miles north of Venice) decided to apport a few changes to an energetic dessert made of eggs and sugar. That particular drink was usually given to old people and children because of the invigorating properties of the eggs, known to be rich in proteins, calcium and magnesium. Loly Linguanotto, this is…

What’s wrong with this picture? The real spaghetti recipe!

The spaghetti recipe is actually one of the simplest one. It is not hard to put together the right ingredients to delight your stomach but it seems that the internet is populated by fake and weird recipes. I came across this picture while looking for a nice pic to post on this blog. What I saw gave me the shivers. What is wrong with this picture? There is tiny detail that makes the whole spaghetti recipe wrong! If you look carefully to the topping of the spaghetti you will see two green leaves. In the background there is a bit…