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It’s October. It’s pizza month!

In America the Italians settled mostly on the east cost and in particular in the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachussets and Pennsylvania. This is the reason why, especially in New York, the pizza became so popular and to these days it is considered as a dish that cannot be given up.

Here is the list of the best food cultures of the world

Which are the best food cultures of the world? A recent survey by has the answer to this question. From America to Europe and Asia these food cultures around the globe have something for everyone, according to Zoe Li (editor at 10. United States of America Hamburger, fries and a lot of meat! 9. Mexico Tacos, enchilladas and…hot chilli peppers! 8. Thailand Chicken and spices…kind of a lot of them! 7. Greece The smell of the mediterranean sea joins the mouth at every bite 6. India It is not just about tea and curry… 5. Japan Sushi, sashimi…

Thick or thin? What’s your favorite pizza?

A pizza in Milan is always a good choice! When it comes to choosing where to go to have a pizza in Milan there are plenty of options. But before you start checking over the internet where to book a table, you need to make a relevant choice: thick or thin crust? If you are more into the classic italian pizza, like they do it in Naples, the restaurant “Lievito Madre” would be the perfect match to your thirst of natural ingredients. Owned and managed by the Sorbillo family, that openedĀ its first restaurant in Naples in 1935, this pizzeria offers…