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Milan and its castles. Plural.

The city of Milan is well known for its many landmarks: from the Duomo Cathedral to the Da Vinci's "Last Supper". Among the main attractions of the city there is for sure the Castello Sforzesco ( aka the Sforza Castle) which is known by many to be the only castle in Milan. However a walk along the city streets of the capital of fashion and design may hold some surprises for lovers of medieval art and architecture.

Palazzo Cova, the other castle of Milan

The castello is actually a palazzo and was built between 1910 and 1915 on a project by architect Adolfo Coppedè. It is an astonishing example of the so-called gothic revival architecture which spread around Europe during the late 18th century, in contrast with the neo-classical style. The castello features a tower with a crenellated parapet at its top, typical of the medieval architecture. Built with red bricks and white stones it develops on five storeys and the first floor features a loggia which further enlarges the massive shape of this building. You can see it at: Via Carducci, Milan Underground…