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Fashion weeks are over…according to Gucci

Four weeks in February and September of back to back fashion shows and events belong to the past. The fashion weeks era is over. No more journalists, bloggers, influencers and fashion enthusiasts flying from New York to London and then Milan and Paris to be in the front rows of the major fashion shows in the most iconic buildings of the four fashion capitals of the world. The post pandemic era of the fashion industry will be extremely different and change has already begun.

Our annual review of Fashion Brands on Instagram

It is the third edition of our annual review of fashion brands on Instagram. Things have a changed quite a bit for Italian brands and their hashtags on this social network. If the top of the chart has not changed since we started this reasearch back in 2016, the less popular brands on the platform are fighting their way up to the top 10. Bottega Veneta lost three spots and Dsquared gained two! While in percentages the best results have been achieved by Moncler (+47%), Dsquared (+40%) and Trussardi (+40%). Always remember that the list takes into consideration only the…

Fashion brands on Instagram: a year later!

Fashion brands on Instagram. Back in November 2016 we have checked how many times the hashtags of the most popular fashion brands were used on Instagram. We have just checked once again how the Italian fashion brands are now doing on this social network and there have been a few surprises. In just a year some of the most important fashion brands have lost a position in our chart. Others have hugely increased their exposure in terms of a percentage. It is the case of a brand like Pucci which hastag has registered a 129% increase or Dsquared that has…

The dark side of Milan: the Gucci’s murder

The Gucci’s murder The dark side of Milan It was the 27th of March 1995 when the body of Maurizio Gucci, the heir of the Gucci empire, was found in the lobby of his new company’s headquarter in Milan. An old building in Via Palestro 20, just a few steps from the fashion district. Mr Gucci woke up early in the morning that day and walked from his house in Corso Venezia 38 to the office. He entered the building, took a few steps on the stairs and that’s when four gunshots hit his back. The doorman Mr Onorato was lef…