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Posts tagged as “coronavirus”

Lockdown measures are about to be (partially) cancelled starting from next Monday

Even if it is kind of early to clearly judge the spread of the coronavirus in the past 10 days, it seems that the softening of the extreme measures adopted so far has not caused any major peak in the epidemic curve. Phase three of the lockdown starts on the 18th of May

Milan to turn its streets into bike lanes

Walking the pavements along the most trafficked areas of the city could be almost impossible given the new one-meter-apart rule which has been recently proved to be effective. For this reason the mayor of Milan Giuseppe "Beppe" Sala has had approved by the municipal council a plan to add some spaces to be used as extra walking areas and bike lanes along the main arterial roads of the city, such as Corso Buenos Aires.

Giorgio Armani to turn its factories into medical overalls manufacturing facilities

Giorgio Armani has made a decision to help his country amid the coronavirus outbreak. All of his factories are about to be turned into scrubs manufacturing facilities. This decision follows the huge donation of money to some of the Italian hospitals coping with this critical situation.