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Carrera Smart Glasses with Alexa. When Italian design meets American technology

The Carrera Smart Glasses are available only on the US and we are eager to know when they will be available in Europe. With open-ear audio technology, the new Carrera Smart Glasses direct sound to the ears without covering them, while minimizing what others around can hear. Customers can get up to six hours of continuous media playback or continuous talk time on a full battery charge

Porta Nuova: Milan’s silicon valley.

Porta Nuova is the up-and-coming district of Milan. The renovation of this area of the city started back in 2005 and at that time was the largest construction yard of Europe. This two billions renovation project saw the participation of twenty architects who worked to re-design the Varesine area with the help of more than two thousands workers. Nowadays the Porta Nuova district features some astonishing buildings like the Bosco…

The retailers struggles and the digital shoppers behaviour.

Macy’s, the US department stores chain, has recently announced that it is about to close 68 stores nationwide. This operation will cause the sudden unemployment of more than 10.000 people on the US territory. The disappointing Christmas sales led the management of the company, which also owns Bloomingdale’s, to move forward with what was already announced in August 2016. Compared to the 2015 November and December sales the company has…