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Starbucks in Milan is going to be different

Last updated on July 2, 2018

Starbucks in Milan is going to be different. The store that is about to open will be part of a new concept that the coffee house based in Seattle is developing right now.

Starbucks in Milan will not be the usual bar which we are used to see throughout the United States. First and foremost it will be hosted within an iconic retail space: the former headquarter of the Italian postal services in Piazza Cordusio, just a few steps from the Piazza del Duomo and the Cathedral.

The plans for the Starbucks in Milan are to offer to the Italian customers and to the tourists visiting Milan a fully sensorial coffee experience which will include a large selection of brewing methods, hot and cold beverages and pastries.

All of the baked goodies will be supplied by Princi, the Milanese bakery that is considered one of the best food outlets of the city.

The Starbucks in Milan will also have a different name. It will be called the Milan’s Reserve Roastery. The founder and CEO of the company, Mr. Howard Schultz, is aiming at offering to the client a shopping experience that goes beyond the mere act of drinking coffee.

The very first Reserve Roastery has opened in Seattle in 2014, New York will have its own one in 2018 and the people of Chicago will be visiting the store in early 2019. The project to take place in Milan is part of the international expansion plan that will include Asian destinations like Shangai and Tokyo.

For the company this new Starbucks in Milan is like a dream that comes true. Mr Schultz has developed the whole Starbucks concept thirty years ago when he visited Milan.

He noticed how the baristas and the customers were friendly to eachother and decided to duplicate that model in his home country.

The challenge for the US company is now to be able to face the needs that might come from the Italian clients who are very demanding when it comes to coffee.

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