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Shopping in the galleria!

This astonishing building was officially inaugurated in 1867 by the King of Italy,Vittorio Emanuele the II and to the King it was dedicated as written above the main entrance.  The Galleria is 105 meters wide and 196 meters long and connects Piazza del Duomo with Piazza della Scala. The roof and the cupola are entirely made of iron and glass while the ceiling vaults are decorated with mosaics representing the four continents: Africa, America, Asia and Europe.


The floor features the representation of the coat of arms of the three capitals of Italy: Florence (the iris), Rome (the she-wolf), Turin (the bull) and the one of Milan (the red cross).  In the centre of the octagon right underneath the cupola there is the coat of arms of the Savoia family (the former royal family of Italy) and several blue tiles. That particular shade of blue is the official color of the Savoia family and this is why the jersey of the Italian soccer team is blue. The Galleria hosts several stores and restaurants and this is the reason why it is known as the Salotto di Milano (the Milan’s living room).


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