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Shopping experience: Moncler, Gucci and Calzedonia lead the way

When it comes to shopping experience Italy leads the way with three of its most prestigious brands: Moncler, Gucci and Calzedonia.

Shopping experience: the New Store Omnichannel Leadership Report

NewStore leveraged a team of third-party mystery shoppers to conduct the research, auditing each retail brand’s online, mobile app, and in-store shopping experiences. The results helped determine overall score percentages as well as score percentages for each report category. Through this process, NewStore identified the following brands as the 2023 Omnichannel Leaders across Europe and Australia:

  • Marks & Spencer (U.K.)
  • Calzedonia (Italy)
  • Moncler (Italy)
  • Gucci (Italy)
  • Cotton On (Australia)

The top 8 countries in omnichannel competency

The global edition of the Omnichannel Leadership Report also assessed the overall omnichannel maturity of each region. Individual countries were assigned a score percentage reflecting the average performance of the brands in that market:

  • Italy – 40%
  • U.S. – 36%
  • Australia – 34%
  • Spain – 34%
  • Canada – 32%
  • France – 30%
  • U.K. – 30%
  • Germany – 26%

While Italy was the clear leader, earning the highest overall score percentage and three out of the top five omnichannel leaders, Europe as a whole (32%) and Australia (34%) trailed North America (36%) in omnichannel competency.

“Consumers don’t think about the channel they use to buy products. They simply want the experience to be consistent, regardless of when, where, and how they decide to shop, the global edition of our Omnichannel Leadership Report shows that smart brands have woken up to the fact that multichannel strategies are no longer enough to meet this shift in expectations. Retailers should continue to focus on building seamless, omnichannel experiences that meet the needs of their customers across regions”

Stephan Schambach, Founder and CEO, NewStore.

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