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Roman floor discovered under a vineyard in Northern Italy

The remains of a roman villa were discovered almost a hundred years ago. Many attempts to find the rest of the construction which dates back to the first century were done throughout the twentieth century but only now the archeologists were able to locate this marvellous piece of Roman history.

Roman villa nearby Verona

The site of the discovery is a small town north of Verona, in the Valpolicella region. An area well know for its wines and now to become also the destination for those who appreciate ancient history and culture. The municipality of Negrar, this is the name of the small town were the amazing mosaic floor was just discovered, decided that the roman site will be for everyone to admire and enjoy.

Through a Facebook post the city has just shared pictures of the perfectly preserved floor and has stated that

“The Superintendency will liaise with the owners of the area and with the Municipality to identify the most appropriate ways to make this archaeological treasure always hidden under our feet available and accessible.
The result will not come soon and significant resources will be needed. But it is important, finally, to trace the road.”

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