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Restaurant “Al Fresco”

A meeting place with food and dining” this is the motto appearing on the website of the Al Fresco restaurant. Settled in the Tortona district, there where the design week takes place each year in April. The restaurant offers a wide selection of first courses that changes every month or so. The list ranges from vegetable soup to spaghetti, from ravioli to risotto. While the list of main courses of the menu includes: veal, lamb, duck and codfish.  A must of the Italian dining tradition is antipasto: a small course to warm the stomach up before you actually get to the main course.

The Al Fresco restaurant  offers a few antipasti to choose : a pumpkin soup with buffalo mozzarella, a chickpeas soup with mushrooms and the not to be missedraw ham with fresh vegetables.  If the menu surely keeps up with the expectations of global food connoisseurs, the location of this restaurant won’t let down those who are looking for a special place.

The outdoor dining area at Al Fresco
The outdoor dining area at Al Fresco

The indoor dining room has been furnished with vintage one of a kind items. The table clothing is inspired by the Italian country side tradition: white wrinkly fabrics as they were just taken off of the drying-rack decorate the tables and counters.  But if you are looking to experience what Italian dining is really about make sure to ask for a table in the garden when you make your reservation.  Old watering cans on a shelf,  lanterns and vintage chairs are the main features of the garden where dinner is served.  Enjoy the desert and finish your dinner with an espresso to mix its aroma with the scent of the nature around you. This is what Al Fresco means and this is what this restaurant is all about.


Al fresco

Via Savona, 50

20144 Milano


Lunch: 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm

Dinner: 7.30 pm to 0.30 am

Price range

From € 35,00 to € 75,00

Make your reservation at +39 02 495 33 630

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