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Private jets to Milan

Private jets to Milan

There are plenty of ways to get to Milan. Given its location, the city of Milan is easily accessibile from everywhere in Europe and the world.

It takes only 4o minutes by car from Switzerland to the capital of fashion and design, 3 hours from France, 6 hours from Austria and Slovenia.

The train connections are very convenient too! It is just a 8 hours ride from Paris to the city centre of Milan, where the majestic central station is.

If you wish you can also have  private jets to fly you to Milan.

The Linate airport, located just a few miles form the city centre, has a fully equipped  landing area for private jets. This service provided by SEA Aeroporti Milano, the management company of two of the three airports of Milan, is called “Milano.Linate Prime”.

The motto of this luxury service is “Your VIP Gateway” to Europe and it truly describes the experience provided by the company.

Milano Linate Prime is the first airport for private jets on the Italian territory and it is the 5th in Europe. It features two runways. The main one has a total length of 2440 meters while the secondary one measures 620 meters.

The total surface of the the terminal for private jest is 130.000 square meters (including apron and hangars). Passengers and crew member can enjoy a terminal of 2.500 square meters which features state of the art technologies, bars and a business centre.

The best way to start enjoying this VIP experience is to watch this video that describes how to get to Milan with private jets.


Once in Milan do not forget to regularly check this blog to find out what to do in the city. If you wish to know where to go, which museums to visit, where to enjoy a true Italian food experience you just need to read The Milan City Journal.

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